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Receiving SALE!

Holiday time is the season for giving—I love that. I love how it feels to share gifts with those I love and the less fortunate whom I'll never have the blessing of knowing in person. I love the process of thinking up what to get, or make, or do for each person. And I love the selflessness that it takes to travel and spend time with each of the families that I'm part of. There's a lot of giving going on.

And there is also a lot of receiving. I feel it's important to remember how to receive for the holiday's too. It's a delicate balance—we're all deep in the giving and receiving flow. To maintain the balance we also receive.

I seem to feel that I'm not allowed to receive until after I've given—it's one of those beliefs that I still seem to be holding onto or some reason or another. Before yesterday there was so much focus on giving—on what to give to others. Throughout the day yesterday it was a challenge to focus on allowing myself to receive as well as give—to shift gears from being so giving-focused into keeping balanced.

To continue that balance, I'll take a little time after Christmas to focus on me, to allow myself to receive the gifts from the universe, and to receive little gifts from myself too. Maybe I'll let myself receive some new yarn, spend those gift cards, or enjoy knitting a new project for myself, or treat myself to something else that I find special. I deserve it.

And so do you! You deserve something special for yourself too! Maybe you've been wanting to splurge on a particular new yarn, or start on a new project for yourself? I say go for it! You deserve to receive something nice from yourself.

In honor of gifting things to ourselves, I'm having a Receiving Sale throughout the rest of 2012. If you purchase any of the patterns from kristentendyke.com or caterpillarknits.com, you can save 33% on your total sale. No coupon code needed. Enjoy!

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