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New Design, in Knit Simple's Winter issue!

Knit Simple Winter 2012, photo by Jack Deutsch
 Here's a new design, from the Winter 2012/2013 issue of Knit Simple.

This is one of those designs that I feel just sort of popped into existence out of no-where.

Of course it didn't—one of my knitters, Jessica, spent hours lovingly creating the sweater for me. But for me, it happened during a time when I was fully engrossed in all sorts of other things, that I hardly noticed it as it passed between Jessica and the publisher.

It's so nice when that happens—especially with such a beautiful sweater. I look at it, and think… "where did that come from?"

It reminds me of a song by Medicine for the People, in which he chants "Through us, not by us" over and over. In that song, he's speaking more politically, but it's true about everything we "do". These sweaters that are designed—they come through me, they're not designed BY me. It's nice for me to keep that in mind… keeps me humble.

Anywho, the sweater… It's knit seamlessly! The body is worked from the bottom up, and the shoulders are joined with a three needle bind off. The sleeves are picked up around the armhole, the cap shaped with short rows, then worked in Moss Stitch to the cuffs.

The double-breasted button-hole band has one row of buttonholes toward the edge, then the button band has 2 buttonholes—one at the top, and another at the bottom, so the inside flap can be secured with "invisible" buttons behind the outer buttons…

I find that all terribly confusing to describe. So, I was sure to take some pictures before I sent it away to the magazine.

I haven't received a copy of the magazine yet, but once I do, I'll be sure to get the nitty-gritty info up onto my site—finished measurements, yarn requirements, etc…

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  1. Beautiful design Kristen, very classy and looks like fun to knit!


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