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Holiday Gift Ideas

This is about the time I start freaking out and seeking quick-knitting projects for holiday gifts.

If you're like me, perhaps you're searching as well… here are a few ideas:

Mauna Kea, Crochet hat available from Caterpillar Knits.

 Rasa Beret, available from Caterpillar Knits.

 Pika Hat.

 Violet Beret, available from Caterpillar Knits.

 Duchess Cabled Hat.

 Whitman Cap, available from Interweave Store.

 Tweed Beret, available from Interweave Store.

 Autumn Oak Hat and Mitt set.

Once upon a Christmas, 3 days before the holiday I sat in traffic near a mall… I wasn't GOING to the mall, just driving by… but I sat in traffic for long enough to knit three of these mitts. They're quick. I suggest keeping yarn & needles in your car for just this purpose.

 Tundra Mitts, available from Quince & Co.

 Sunyata Shrug, available from Caterpillar Knits.

 Royal Lattice Cowl. Free pattern!

 Wabi-Sabi Mitts. Free pattern!

 Crochet Ruffle Scarf. Free pattern!

 Crochet Lacy Kerchief. Free pattern!

 Mug Cozy. Free pattern!

Every Christmas I see this pattern again, with a Christmas tree in place of the heart… I haven't had the opportunity to knit one yet, but figured I'd throw the idea out there in case any of you are inspired to edit the chart and knit one.

I hope these help you get your holiday knitting done quickly & easily!
Try not to freak out too much about getting it all done in time. This CAN be a fun time of year…

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