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Knitting & listening to… 

Certain other blogs that I love, share things about their day-to-day life that extends beyond what they have on their needles… such as what they're reading, etc…

I like it.  I love the peek into their lives.

And, since I often can't really share about the projects I'm knitting, I can share with you what I'm doing while I'm knitting them… like today. Today I'm knitting while listening to the Gregg Braden replay of Healing with the Masters.

I do this a lot… I really love these recorded shows. They're usually available for free for 48 hours after each recording. Which is GREAT, because I knit a lot, and there always seems to be a new show available for me to listen to. Each one is educational, inspiring and uplifting. I always seem to feel great after listening…

If you want to see what it's about without signing up, the password is "healing", but I recommend signing up. Jennifer sends out e-mail reminders of the new shows, which I always find useful.

Welp… back to knitting.

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