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Pre-order No-Sew Knits!

Maybe you've heard? I have a another book, full of seamless sweaters, coming out this fall! It'll be available this November, and is available for pre-order now.

In No-Sew Knits, 20 Flattering finish-free garments I teach you how to knit the perfect sweater with no assembly required. Through clever planning and some clever techniques, projects are shaped and joined during knitting—all without sacrificing the pretty details.

No-Sew Knits  offers 20 garments that combine construction techniques and on-trend comfortable styling for everyday wear. While many sweaters are based on simple raglan and yoke construction, I take the opportunity to introduce you to a variety of other easier-than-they seem techniques, while keeping the patterns approachable for advanced beginners.

Chapters are focused around the concepts of basic no-sew patterns, interchangeable stitch patterns, cables and lace. The resulting pieces are beautifully constructed garmens that boast eye-catching details: the large focal cable and cowl of the Rejoice Tunic; the cozy foldover collar of the Dreamy Pullover; the delicate lace of the Enchanted Cardi. Each pattern features a Tip section that helps you learn new techniques for customizing your garments

Pretty and practical, the patterns in No-Sew Knits will teach you a variety of need-to-know skills, building your knitting repertoire as you build your wardrobe.

Stay tuned to learn more about each of the designs in the book, how their constructed and what inspired them.


  1. I am rather new to knitting, but I am adventurous. I have been trying to challenge myself so that I can advance in skill. I feel confident about reading knitting patterns but I haven't yet learned to read a knitting chart. Any questions I've had, I've sought answers through online tutorials and videos.

    When I learned about this book, I was really excited. I have been shying away from learning how to knit any type of garment, because I know I'd have to join the seams. I'm comfortable with sewing (both machine and hand sewing), but it's different with knitting. I think it's a whole new skill entirely!

    So what I'm wondering is if there are any projects in this book that are geared toward the beginning knitter.

    1. Yes, there are a bunch of patterns designed for the beginning sweater-knitter. It was my goal, when writing this book, that it might inspire knitters who have never knit a sweater to try doing so.

      The majority of stitch patterns in the book are both charted and written out, so no worries on not knowing how to read a chart.

      Some of the more simply-constructed designs are Dreamy, Sensible, Nurturing, Wonder, Rejoice and Soulful. You can check out all the sweaters on Ravelry. http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/sources/no-sew-knits-20-flattering-finish-free-garments/patterns

    2. Wonderful! Thank you, Kristen! I actually found a tutorial for reading charts, and I'm confident that I could read one now with ease. :)

      I'm very excited and will definitely be ordering your book at some point in the near future. :D


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