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My trip to Interweave - in pictures!

Earlier this week I took a little trip to Colorado, met up with some folks at Interweave and made some magic happen. It's got some (nay… quite a bit) of editing to go through, but you'll get to see it in all it's glory this fall! If you liked Finish-Free Knits, be excited… be very excited!

Here is my trip—in pictures:
It began with a whole bunch of swatches…
Then some blocking… (purna)
and some packing.
a long drive to the airport
Then a flight with lots of turbulence.
Waiting for flight #2 in North Carolina.
A flight with much less turbulence, and a friendly knitter beside me.
Window quotes in Denver, with mountains in the background.
My rental ride.
The Interweave / F&W Media office building (one of them).
Step-outs… by chapter… sort of.
set decor
After so many stops and pauses: "That's a wrap!"
SO pooped…
Super glad I arrived to the airport really early.
Time to go home.
book knitting, and my third plane
Misleading signs in Newark… oh, Newark…
Enjoying my time in Newark…
SO ready to leave Newark.
Delays… sigh.
But, the 3-hour delay on my second flight was worth the wait: I sat beside Stephen King on the last flight. It was quiet and dark, and he looked dead tired, so I let him have his space. No crazy fan girl talk to make him uncomfortable…

And, eventually I arrived home… around 2am this morning. What an awesome ride! 
I was even able to squeeze in some time to visit some friends in Boulder!!!

I'll be sure to let you guys know when this project is officially released! Keep your eyes peeled this fall! 

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  1. Loved this post Kristen. and Stephen King??!! It must have been so hard to keep your mouth closed and not swoon. Can't wait to see what you are doing, loved the projects in the last book!

    1. Thanks Thea! I s'pose I was fortunate that I couldn't figure out how to begin the conversation… seriously, I went over and over so many different possible things I could say to him. None of them felt just right. Ah well, it was really cool none-the-less, and I avoided making a fool of myself :D

  2. Stephen King!

    You are a better woman than I! If I had one of his books with me I would not have restrain myself in asking for an autograph - and a picture together - for my blog, of course! See you are a better woman than I - since none of those embarrassing things happened.

    Now ... you need to know that if I am ever sitting next to you on a plane - the same thing will happen - in fact I will start carrying your book with me when I fly!!!



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